The Senate Just Voted 87-13 to Approve...

7-Second Pain Relief

Banned for more than 82 years, this readily available remedy has ZERO side effects and is now 100% legal...

Manufactured in the USA
With top ingredients sourced from around the world.

About the Doctor

  • U.S.-trained, board-certified specialist
  • New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author
  • Featured on ABC, NBC and Fox, and in The Washington Post
  • Licensed to practice medicine in more than 20 states
  • Former professor at The Ohio State University
  • Current medical staff at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Howard County, Maryland

Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Dr. Sanjay Jain, M.D., a practicing physician and New York Times best-selling author.

In the next 30 seconds, I’m going to show you the biggest, most exciting breakthrough in the history of pain-relief science.

Make no mistake... this is a historic day for anyone searching for a fast-acting, powerful pain solution. The kind you can turn to without a prescription...

And without worrying about side effects.

So if you or anyone you know experiences pain of any sort...

I urge you watch closely...

Because you need to see everything I’m going to expose in this presentation.

But a word of warning: It’s going to be controversial.

Big Pharma helped keep this pain-dissolving secret under lock and key for 82 years

It fought to make sure you didn’t have the option to use it.

But that all changes today.

You see, in my hands, I’m holding what top researchers hail as the “golden child of medicine”...

It is the ultimate pain reliever... 

  • Powerful
  • Fast-acting
  • Nonaddictive
  • And natural... with no prescription necessary... and none of the side effects you’ll find with Big Pharma’s outdated non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDs).

Best of all?

It begins to work within seven seconds.

This is exactly the solution we’ve been searching for all along...

But it’s been kept from people like you... BANNED by Big Pharma and our most corrupt government officials since 1937.

I’ll explain why in a moment. You will be furious when you see how Big Pharma puts its own profits above the health and well-being of untold millions of Americans.

But before we get to that, I need to make something perfectly clear.

Yes, this is obviously very big... but for me, it’s personal.

I’ll be honest...

As a doctor, I’ve been through the wringer when it comes to this forbidden natural remedy.

I’ve known since 2007 that its safety alone makes it far superior to pain pills that come loaded with side effects.

I’ve administered pain-relieving shots to my patients in the past. But I sure wish I’d been able to provide this solution instead.

But before this year, I couldn’t do that.

I wasn’t legally allowed to even have this in my hands.

I could’ve been thrown in jail, fined and stripped of my hard-earned medical licenses if I tried to share it with you.

That’s because soulless Big Pharma did everything in its power to stop this day from coming.

It’s a simple fact: When a remedy is natural, there’s no profit in it for Big Pharma!

It hates that!

In 2016, The Guardian ran an exposé on “Big Pharma’s Fight to Block” the legalization of this natural remedy.

In 2017, Esquire named Big Pharma as the biggest enemy of this solution.

Big Pharma has spent more than $4 BILLION in lobbying since 1998 in order to keep its outrageous profits flowing. It spent more money on lobbying than defense, aerospace and the oil and gas industries COMBINED!

All to keep this TRUE pain reliever out of your hands.

But finally...

After 82 years...

Big Pharma’s worst nightmare just became real.

A recent 87-13 Senate vote…

Just... changed... EVERYTHING.

This once-and-for-all vote may have virtually erased $6 BILLION in annual pain prescription revenue... right out of Big Pharma’s books!

It’s about time you get some REAL RELIEF.

Because you know as well as I do... pain pills often do more harm than good!

Think about all the problems and side effects even over-the-counter drugs are linked to...

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Strokes
  • Kidney problems
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Itching
  • Sweating
  • Depression
  • A weakened immune system
  • Intolerance
  • And last but not least, addiction... a disgusting (and preventable) side effect that’s padding Big Pharma’s pockets and killing tens of thousands of Americans.

This confirms what we’ve always suspected: Drug companies don’t care about us...

Only their billions in profits.

So I’m happy to say... they won’t be getting a dime from this extremely safe... natural... and 100% unique solution that my team and I created.

So whether you’re struggling with arthritis... backaches... or soreness in your hands, shoulders, knees or toes...

One small dab of this one-of-a-kind, silky-smooth cream will melt away your pain faster than you ever dreamed possible.

And not in minutes or hours...

You’ll FEEL your pain begin to vanish in just seven seconds!

And then you can get right back to things you used to be able do with ease...

Type an email without jolts of pain in your fingers every time you try to write a word...

Reel in a bass without giving up because of wrist discomfort...

Drive a stick shift without your knees locking up...

Or swing a 1-wood from the tee with comfortable range of motion in your hips and back.

With this solution I have for you, you finally can enjoy life to the fullest again...

Without pain.

Now, you’re going to hear from several people who are finally getting relief. They’ve all documented their experiences online.

One five-star reviewer, Dan S., said...

Simply put, I believe this “miracle in a bottle” is the biggest advance in this history of pain-relief science.

It’s not just my opinion, either.

Reports from the country’s most prestigious and respected medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic, back me up.

And once you try it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree.

That’s why I’d like to send THREE FREE BOTTLES to your home today. I want you to experience its power firsthand... and share it with friends and family.

Just stick with me for the next few minutes and I’ll get you all squared away...

But first, let me show you the special ingredient that makes this “miracle cream” so fast-acting and so powerful... that laws needed to change in order to finally make it available to the American people.

Fix Your Pain With Dr. Jain.”

As I mentioned... I’m Dr. Sanjay Jain, M.D.

I’m an accomplished physician with board certifications in radiology and integrated medicine.

I’ve practiced medicine across the U.S...

From Detroit... to Los Angeles... to Dallas... to the nation’s capital.

I’m also a former clinical professor at Ohio State University. And I recently joined the world-renowned team at Johns Hopkins.

You may recognize me as a New York TimesUSA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author.

Or you may have seen me featured on one of the major television networks, including ABC, NBC and Fox.

But if you’re meeting me for the first time, then I hope you’ll remember me after today for just one reason...

The natural pain-relief breakthrough I’m about to share with you.

In fact, my goal in the next few minutes is to have you saying... “I fixed my pain with Dr. Jain.”

And I couldn’t be more excited about it.

For years, I’ve witnessed hundreds of patients suffering...

From shoulder pain that doesn’t allow them to lift a dish off a shelf...

From back pain that won’t allow them to bend over to tie their shoelaces...

From hip and knee pain that doesn’t allow them to get in and out of the car.

Maybe you know how it feels.

And if so, there’s good news...

Thanks to the powerful, natural pain-eraser my team and I successfully formulated, you can get back to feeling good!

Science confirms that what I have for you isn’t just a safe, highly effective pain reliever. It could be a one-way ticket back to the things you love most – without pain.

The new healing agent behind it is backed up by a massive new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Dr. Gregory Gerdeman, a neurophysiologist at Eckerd College in Florida, calls this type of remedy “immensely safe.”

But it’s not just doctors and researchers. Pain sufferers across the country report game-changing results they can FEEL.

Joanie P. in Covington, Kentucky, got some of this remedy for her ailing husband. She said...

“He rubbed some on and was, like ‘Wow. This is great. I can move my whole wrist!’”

If you have arthritis, back pain, muscle soreness, knee trouble... there is nothing I’ve found medically that compares to this finally legal medical cream.

It’s a godsend.

Before this new development, your only option was, well... pain pills.

And because of that, every time you opened up your medicine cabinet to try and get some relief...

You were sticking your hand into a hornet’s nest.

Now, I’ve already rattled off the side effects of over-the-counter pain pills...

But I haven’t even begun to list the even worse side effects of prescription pills...

  • Vomiting
  • Paranoia
  • Liver damage
  • Brain damage
  • And serious addiction, with signs of it showing in as little as three days.

Dependency leads to potential overdosing... which is responsible for 40,000 deaths in the U.S. annually!

In fact, this nation’s addiction to prescription pills is so deadly that the HHS declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency

It’s so bad that for the first time in U.S. history, more people die from these drugs each year than in car accidents.

Even more tragic is the result, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, of a massive review. In it, more than 100 randomized trials found that people taking prescription painkillers experienced “no meaningful benefit.”

That means thousands are dying each year trying to find relief that never existed anyway.

But a SOLUTION is here at last.

This small bottle in my hands – that I’m willing to ship to you for FREE – is nothing less than a miracle.

After 82 years of suppression, lawmakers have FINALLY done the right thing...

And thanks to the nearly unanimous Senate vote, it’s now legal once and for all...

Powerful, natural pain relief you’ll start to feel in just seven seconds... without the risk of NSAID side effects.

It’s my mission to help you and anyone dealing with arthritis or pain get this fast-acting relief TODAY.

In just a moment, I’ll show you exactly how to claim up to three bottles absolutely free.

I’m certain you’ll soon be living a more comfortable, pain-free life.

And just to prove how confident I am... I’m going to make you an insanely bold guarantee...

But before I get to that, I need to reveal exactly what this fast-acting joint pain miracle is.

In short, it’s the end result of a much bigger movement in medicine...


One that has been years in the making...

This Medical Revolution Started With a Little Girl Named Charlotte... and Captivated the Nation

In 2013, neurosurgeon and CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta released a bombshell television documentary. You might have seen it yourself.

It told the story of a little girl named Charlotte, who began experiencing an array of horrible medical issues starting when she was just three months old.

Charlotte’s mother, Paige, got to a point where she said she hadn’t heard her baby girl’s laugh for six months.

I didn’t hear her voice at all, just her crying,” she said.

It was heartbreaking to watch... just imagine if this were YOUR child or grandchild.

The baby was put on multiple drugs. Some were heavy-duty and addictive... even for a grown adult.

So it’s no surprise that this poor girl endured nasty side effects like bone loss, a damaged immune system and even behavioral issues.

Meanwhile, nothing was working.

Doctors even suggested a drug being used on dogs.


They were ready to test it on this poor girl like she was a lab rat.

Her family felt like there was nowhere safe to turn.

But they had one final, controversial option.

You see, the state they happened to live in... Colorado... had recently approved Amendment 20. It required the state to set up a medical cannabis registry program.

Before her baby’s condition took hold, Charlotte’s mother, Paige, had always voted against cannabis use of any kind, including medicinal use.

But at this point, Paige was willing to try anything. Her little girl had lost the ability to walk, talk and eat normally.

Charlotte was just five years old.

So in a frantic, desperate effort... she was given twice-daily doses of cannabis oil.

This controversial substance is rich in cannabidiol, or CBD. It’s a compound found in the cannabis plant... but it’s non-psychoactive. In other words, it does NOT get you high.

You see, cannabis contains two potent compounds.

THC is the one that gets you high.

And then there’s CBD.

As Medical News Today reports...

Medical News Today
“Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that CBD does not change a person’s state of mind when they use it.”

The World Health Organization adds...

World Health Organization
“CBD is not harmful, has health benefits and does not have abuse potential.”

For Charlotte, the results from her CBD treatment were... in a word...


It was a virtually instant fix. Within a week, her symptoms vanished.

Doctors, including Sanjay Gupta, were shocked. The little girl’s parents were blown away.

Matt, her father, said...

“I want to scream it from the rooftops. I want other people, other parents, to know that this is a viable option.”

A follow-up story in 2017 revealed that little Charlotte now enjoys a “normal, healthy, full life.”

Now, I want to make clear that the product I have for you today isn’t the same product given to this little girl.

However, the solution I have for you contains the same CRUCIAL ingredient – CBD – that, at long last, eased her pain.

And as for Dr. Gupta... a staunch, longtime opponent of CBD who authored the 2009 column “Why I Vote No on Pot”...

He ultimately proclaimed...

“I am here to apologize.

“I apologize because I didn’t look hard enough, until now.

“I have seen more patients like Charlotte firsthand, spent time with them, and come to the realization that it is irresponsible not to provide the best care we can as a medical community, care that could involve [CBD].

We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States.

“And I apologize for my own role in that.”

Dr. Gupta isn’t the only expert to make a full, 180-degree turn...

Doctors, experts, politicians... and, finally, everyday Americans... now widely accept the proven medical benefits of CBD.

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner was vehemently anti-CBD... now he sits on the board of a company trying to bring it to the masses.

President Donald Trump – once opposed – now calls CBD “such a big thing.”

Like you just saw, Dr. Gupta is now a supporter. I myself am now a passionate CBD advocate.

And a Pew Research study confirms that it’s more accepted in society today than ever before. That includes acceptance by a vast majority of baby boomers.

And finally, the U.S. government has come around.

In fact, the recent farm bill passed by an overwhelming 87-13 vote made it official.

CBD is 100% legal. And it’s here to stay.

Which leads me back to the special formulation I hold in my hands.

With a very special type of CBD as its key component...

This natural miracle begins to relieve your WORST aches and pains, starting in as little as seven seconds... has no side effects... does NOT get you high... is nonaddictive... and is extremely safe.

That’s Why Doctors Aren’t Just Recommending It... They’re Using It Themselves!

Now, I see patients all the time who are desperate for a solution to ease their pain.

One that doesn’t require pills...



Or physical therapy sessions.

And now, for the first time ever, anyone suffering from pain can take a small dab of this soothing cream... rub it in... and, starting in just seven seconds, get the relief they’ve been praying for.

It’s like magic.

Brian K. has arthritis, along with back and hip pain. Describing his experience with the soothing cream, he wrote...

“It offers relief in about five seconds to the applied target areas. I have since recommended it to all my friends and co-workers.”

Casey P. had back pain that shot all the way down to her foot. She said she was “at the end of my rope, seriously considering cutting off my toe.”

Extreme? Yes. However, two days after the Senate voted to legalize CBD, she tried it in a cream and said...

“It’s been a game changer. I have been able to gain mobility and have all but erased the pain from my back... this lotion really did change my life. I call it MAGIC. I am so happy with it.”

Results like these are the reason many doctors just like me... are thrilled to be able to give their patients REAL relief.

Like Dr. Will Cole in Washington, D.C. He’s been using CBD on his patients (and on himself). And he reports he’s loving the results.

Dr. Will Cole in Washington, D.C.
“It has truly been the missing piece in their health puzzle. It’s one of the things that I too use every day.”

Isa Herrera is a physical therapist in New York City. Her patients literally jump for joy because of the life-changing results of CBD.

Herrera was no stranger to pain herself. A shoulder injury left her in bad shape.

So she gave CBD a shot.

It was shocking,” Herrera said. “Right now, I feel great!”

Just imagine how good it will feel when YOU experience that same oh-so-sweet relief.

Then there’s Dr. Daniel Clauw, M.D. He’s a professor of anesthesiology at the University of Michigan. He believes that CBD may be the ultimate solution for people living with pain.

Dr. Daniel Clauw, M.D.
“I don’t think we have that many good drugs for pain, and we know that CBD has fewer side effects than opioids or even NSAID drugs, which can cause bleeding and cardiovascular problems,” he says.

“If I have an elderly patient with arthritis and a little bit of CBD can make their knees feel better, I’d prefer they use that.”

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

It does to me.

You see, even though I’m a doctor, I have been a patient, too.

I understand your pain because I’ve been there before.

I was given pain meds for my OWN issues...

And trust me, the side effects aren’t worth it.

Dizziness, nausea, bloating, constipation... forget it!

So many people have been caught in that terrible position of having to decide between nagging pain and disastrous side effects.

There was no right answer for me.

But now there is.

And people all across America are discovering a better way.

Thousands – at long last – are experiencing the joy of relief like never before.

Americans from all walks of life say CBD is a miracle.

Musician Tommy B. has played stringed instruments for more than 50 years. But plucking the strings became extremely painful in recent years. Tommy used CBD cream on his fingers and said...

“The cream really worked very well with relieving stiffness and muscle soreness.”

Marty M. was desperate for relief. He tried CBD cream and said bluntly...

“I have the worst back pain... and this literally stopped the pain that was bringing me to tears on the spot. I am amazed.

Jojo M. said...

“I am a bodybuilder and I train hard. I utilized this for my sore muscles and strains. I cannot believe how soothing this cream is, and how quickly it relieved the pain in my pulled muscle. I have found my new favorite product for muscle aches and pains!”

World-class athletes... celebrities...

People from all walks of life are using it.

And the results are undeniable.

Imagine for a moment...

The grinding, scraping and electric bolts of pain that impact your joints...


No more agony!

Then you’re back to the life you’ve imagined...

You might even feel like jumping out of bed each morning and doing things you wouldn’t have DREAMED of just days before...

Like hitting the pavement for a nice morning stroll as you watch the sun rise.

Or playing 18 holes of golf with friends on a beautiful day...

Or playing a game of catch with your grandkids until they tire out!

Imagine the joy you’ll feel when you can live life the way you want to again.

I’d love to send you some of this life-changing cream. And I’ll even provide you with up to three free bottles.

I’ll just need your address to send them to you.

More on this in a moment...

But first, let me show you exactly how CBD cream works...

Here’s How This “Miracle Cream” Works...

Generally speaking, pain is most often caused by inflammation and irritation of our nerve cells.

Arthritis, for example, is an inflammation of the joints.

CBD directly combats these types of problems.

Scientific research and some of the world’s top doctors all back up CBD’s soothing powers...

In fact, reports state CBD cream melts pain away in three ways...

  1. It acts on the body’s receptors that interact with neurotransmitter releases in the brain.
  2. It elevates your body’s natural endocannabinoid activity (the endocannabinoid system affects pain, inflammatory response and other functions).
  3. In turn, it improves cell health and reduces inflammation.

In other words, CBD works with your body’s NATURAL systems to reduce the SOURCE of your pain.

Consider the story of Sandra R. from Ithaca, New York...

Sandra was on multiple pain meds at one point, ending up with nasty side effects including constant muscle contractions, pain, shingles, headaches and nausea. 

She says her life changed DRASTICALLY when she found CBD. She told The Ithaca Journal...

“Because I am feeling better, I can cook better meals and get exercise. I can take better care of myself, and that is a part of how I feel better these days.”

Better yet, she’s off all her medications!

Stories like this are why physicians across the country are catching on to CBD as the best way to treat pain naturally... without putting yourself at risk for side effects like you do with NSAIDs.

That’s because the World Health Organization confirms that...

World Health Organization
“CBD is well-tolerated, with a good safety profile.”

Using the uniquely formulated CBD cream I have for you on your skin is as easy as you can imagine.

The fast-acting, silky-smooth cream easily rubs right in...

You just use it when you need it... wherever it hurts.

There are no scary chemicals... nothing artificial...

It’s not oily or greasy at all...

And boom! Beginning in seven seconds, you feel it kicking in... with the exact solution I have for you.

This cream is able to deliver swift, potent relief...

At Long Last, Your Solution Is Here!

Now listen, we’ve all overexerted ourselves at some point...

I can guarantee that every single person watching at home – that includes YOU – has experienced pain at some point... and has gone looking for relief.

Perhaps you’ve tried a cream.

You know all the household names... Tiger Balm, Bengay, Icy Hot. 

Each of those has been around for about 100 years, it seems, right?

Maybe one of those strong-smelling ancient creams gave you brief relief. 

But let’s be honest...

None of them is a SERIOUS solution, am I right?

The solution I have for you today is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

It contains the ONE KEY MISSING INGREDIENT necessary to provide real results.

This is the ingredient I’ve been telling you all about.

The one Big Pharma tried its best to keep under lock and key for as long as it could.

The one BANNED in the U.S. between 1934 and 2018 – until an 87-13 Senate vote changed everything.

This miraculous cream – now finally 100% legal – is infused with natural cannabidiol (CBD).

It does NOT get you high. And it’s exceptionally safe.

The World Health Organization concluded...

World Health Organization
“To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

And it’s nonaddictive.

The WHO also declared...

World Health Organization
“In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”






Works in seven seconds.

No prescription necessary.

ZERO NSAID side effects.

Are you starting to see why it’s so great?

Dr. Subu Dubey, a physician certified through the New York State Department of Health to now prescribe CBD, said simply, “Overall, CBD is wonderful.”

There’s no doubt this is THE SOLUTION you’ve been looking for. 

Now, while I recommend CBD cream, I endorse ONLY this CBD cream I’m holding in my hands, and here’s why...

Why CBD Cream Is No. 1, Not Oil or Anything Else...

You may have heard about CBD pills... CBD oil... even CBD soda and beer! This natural solution is in just about everything these days...

Because it has such wonderful restorative powers.

But let me show you why CBD cream specifically is No. 1 for anyone looking for pain relief.

It’s a very simple reason.

Cream is localized...

And doesn’t have to be ingested.

For example, if you have severe pain in your wrist, CBD cream is a much better option than a pill because you simply rub it in... and it goes to work on that area immediately.

In other words, it soothes and restores the exact part of your body that needs relief.

Jack F. said he was in desperate need of a solution. He tried CBD cream and said it “made my wrists stop hurting for the first time.”

And it’s better than oil... because nobody I know likes the feel of oily, greasy skin.

This cream blends right in, silky and smooth...

Even better... it smells great!

There’s a tiny hint of mint that makes it even more wonderful.

But understand this...

You shouldn’t be taking just any generic CBD cream.

What you need is a very specific one that I’d like to get into your hands today...

The manufacturing site that packages this CBD cream earned a rare, government-approved certification proving it’s natural and organic... and safe!

Hands Down the No. 1 CBD Cream on the Market...

In short, the CBD is infused into our specially formulated cream – completely free of THC– in a “Certified Organic” manufacturing facility in Kansas.

That “Certified Organic” distinction comes straight from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

It also means this special cream is being successfully cultivated without...

  • Harmful pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Synthetic ingredients
  • Sewage sludge
  • Bioengineering
  • Or ionizing radiation.

A federally approved certifier has inspected these facilities, conducting both scheduled and random inspections to ensure the strict standards needed to earn this rare “Certified Organic” distinction are met.

Better yet...

Independent third-party testing confirms there is ZERO THC in this revolutionary new cream.

This PROVES we’re able to deliver YOU the purest CBD cream, without a trace of anything harmful.

So it’s extremely safe...

While giving YOU optimal pain-relieving power.

But that’s not all...

The special CBD cream I have for you is the only one on the planet that contains TWO MORE specific power-packed nutrients...

The First of Two Power-Packed Punches...

For starters, this cream contains one of the world’s most powerful, all-natural nutrients...

It exists on only a tiny sliver of the planet.

It comes from a rare tea tree plant in the remote mountains of New Zealand.

It’s called... manuka honey.

You’ve probably heard all about its amazing properties.

It’s beloved among natural health enthusiasts the world over.

We’ve included in this cream one of the purest forms of New Zealand manuka honey, with a certified “unique manuka factor” (or UMF) of 16+.

The higher the UMF, the better the benefits.

16+ is one of the highest.

It’s moisturizing... and smells great too!

Meredith M. says she’s been using manuka honey with a 16+ UMF “for a month now, and can really see the benefits. Being in my 50s, I look for any product that gives me a visual difference. My skin looks and feel so much softer.

And Justine G. says...

“It’s working wonders for me and my mother.”

This highly coveted manuka honey alone would be an amazing addition to the CBD cream I have for you...

But that’s not all you’ll get.

We’ve also included an additional nutrient to attack pain all the way to the source.

The Second Super-Nutrient...

We had to explore far and wide in order to get our hands on this next power-packed nutrient.

It’s derived from a mature plant... specifically, an Asian evergreen that’s at least 50 years old.

It wasn’t until the conclusion of a recent Harvard Medical School study that doctors fully understood its true power.

First studied on animals, this rare nutrient is readily absorbed through the skin. It dives into the joints, the source of pain...

Once there, it shuts pain nerves off almost instantly.

This nutrient I’m talking about is called camphor.

If you’ve never heard of it, that’s because the drug companies don’t advertise it at all.

When something’s natural, there’s no profit in it for Big Pharma!

But you can really feel camphor working quickly in your joints and muscles...

Sheryl B. tried camphor and said...

“I applied it to my shoulders, and it worked extremely well.”

Weekend warrior Jack T. said...

“[I used 9% camphor and applied it] topically for lower back and knee pain... and it appears to have reduced pain significantly before baseball games. I’m 50 years old and was able to catch an entire nine-inning game of 2.5 hours.”

And Mitch J. says...

“[Camphor is a] pain neutralizer that actually works. It immediately relaxes a muscle spasm... and is a mainstay in our home!”

Just wait until YOU experience the power of camphor and manuka... combined with the soothing solution of CBD!

As far as I can see, my research team is the ONLY operation in the world to have successfully combined...

  1. CBD
  2. Manuka honey (UMF 16+)
  3. And camphor...

Into a TRIPLE-PUNCH, fast-acting, 100% safe cream.

These three mechanisms combined are unlike anything else on the market.

In one silky-smooth dab, you’re going to get...

  • Superior pain relief, thanks to CBD
  • Natural moisturizing, thanks to manuka honey
  • And a long-lasting remedy that dives deep into your joints, thanks to camphor.

You’ll feel this unbelievable cream soothing your pain, starting in seven seconds.

Now, the remedy we created that masterfully combines all three of these superpowers is called...

Pro Restore CBD+

You just rub it wherever it hurts... and within seven seconds... POOF!

You can feel your pain rapidly melting away...

So stop for a moment and think – really think – about any pain you’re feeling at this very minute...

Sore knees... an aching back... a stiff neck in the morning... tender muscles after exercising... 

Now imagine the thrill you’re going to feel when that pain disappears.

You are going to feel re-energized... revitalized... and able to easily complete the mundane tasks that 30-year-olds can do, no problem.

I’m talking about walking up and down a flight of stairs... popping off the top of a pickle jar... or standing back up after sitting down on the sofa to watch TV. 

You’ll be so grateful to perform ordinary routines without pain!

So now it’s time you get your hands on three free bottles...

I Want to Send You THREE FREE Bottles of Pro Restore CBD+!

You’ve devoted your time to this presentation today... and I thank you for that.

As a doctor, I believe this is the most important message I’ll ever share.

Now I’d like to conclude by delivering up to three free bottles of Pro Restore CBD+ to you today.

You’ll need to act quickly, because not only are supplies limited... people will also be swarming to snag my offer. It’ll be like the Gold Rush.

If you decline, you’ll likely never have the chance to get this insane offer ever again.

That’s because this product is not sold at CVS or Walgreens...

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